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Esearch has provided online market research since 1995. Esearch had a vision where market research data could be collected in hours, not days. A vision where respondents entered their answers on an electronic web form, where once the research was designed, it could be implemented immediately with results available while the topic was hot and while the questions were fresh.

This vision led Esearch to develop one of the first online research panels. Esearch has grown up with the Internet, has experienced the changes and challenges, and has learned how to operate in this evolving environment with a focus on respect for panel members and quality, reliable data.


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Esearch respondents enjoy the opportunity to participate in a meaningful way

Product Testing

Esearch boasts industry high recall rates with 80%+ our norm for most demographics and products tested.

Online Communities

Respondents frequently double and triple opt- in to participate in specialty communities managed by either the client or by Esearch.

Online Recruitment for Qualitative and Quantitative Studies

Esearch panel members enjoy opportunities for online in- depth interviews scheduled by either Esearch or the client, as well as the opportunity to participate in quantitative studies of any length of interview.


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Success Stories

Recent product testing success include:

Parents of children in size specific diapers

Candy taste testing

Haircare products

Female incontinence products

Men’s shaving products

Makeup products

Household items, including paper towels, toilet tissue, and more

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