Back in 1995 Esearch.com had a vision. A vision where market research data could be collected in hours... not days. A vision where respondents entered their answers on an electronic "web form" thus eliminating any possible errors during data entry. A vision where once the research was designed, it could be implemented immediately - with results available while the topic was hot, while the questions were fresh, where the need to know was still burning.

Esearch.com had a vision that this thing called the "Internet" (or back then the "Information Super-Highway") would revolutionize market research data collection. With its time efficiencies, quick-turn capabilities, and cost savings this "Internet" thing was really going to change the face of research forever.

And thus, a new methodology was born. Granted, it was in its infancy and not really an "accepted" methodology, nonetheless it was born and the Internet was now a means to collect value market research data.

Over the next several years, while the Internet grew and matured - so did Esearch.com. Esearch.com was there when the Internet wasn't graphical. Netscape and Internt Explorer weren't yet launched. The term "dot com" wasn't yet introduced. And there were fewer than 1 Million online households in the United States. Way back when... in the mid-1990's.

How things have changed! Esearch.com has virtually grown up on the Internet. We've seen the changes, know the past and have learned how to operate in this evolving environment.

So when your needs turn to online data collection, trust a company with experience. Trust Esearch.com, Inc.