We're glad you're here! Below are some common questions and problems. If the information here doesn't help you, please email us at esearch@esearch.com.

How much have I earned taking surveys?

Esearch.com doesn't keep track of earnings by individual respondent. We track by project. The BEST way for you to keep track of your earnings is to keep a copy of the email invitations you receive where you QUALIFY AND COMPLETE the study. Keep the invitation until the survey is paid. If you do not receive payment, you can email esearch@esearch.com and include the survey reference number (which is found on the email survey invitation.)

How do you pay panel members?

Esearch.com uses Paypal.com for survey incentives. We use the SAME email address for both surveys and Paypal.com payments. If your Paypal account is under a different email address, it is best to ADD your survey email to your existing Paypal account since one Paypal account can have multiple emails associated with it.


If you are opposed to Paypal, we can pay via check. For this option, you need to print out the Paypal.com email payment notification (when received) and mail it along with a self addressed, stamped envelope to:


Esearch.com, Inc.
P.O. Box 4356
Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA 90274


Note: You can save up/send several notices at once if that makes more sense.

What's my User ID?

If you received an email survey invitation, your User ID is always included at the very top. If you haven't received an invitation but need your ID, please click here.

Why no surveys?

There are many reasons why you might not be getting surveys.

  1. Check to make sure you're in our panel database. If we sent an email to you and it bounced (for whatever reason) you might have been automatically removed. You can check to see if you're still in the database by clicking the "I need to change my information" button… entering your UserID and your email address.
  2. Check to make sure Esearch.com's email survey invitations are not being blocked by your ISP or redirected to a SPAM folder.
  3. Most all of our studies are done in the US, UK and Canada. If you live outside these countries, your survey opportunities will be few and far between.
  4. Your profile might not be complete (again, you can check your profile by clicking "I need to change my information". Typically sample for a study is pulled with specific information from our panel profile. If you didn't answer the profile questions, your UserID won't be pulled for many of our studies.
  5. We will typically send only one survey per month. Our clients don't want us to employ "professional" survey takers and so we limit the number we sent.
  6. Our clients usually target specific people and so your demographic profile might not be matching well with the studies we are fielding at this time.

I'd like to opt out

Send an email to esearch@esearch.com with "REMOVE" and your User ID in the subject line.