Premiere Online Research Panel

Esearch.com provides one of the best online research panels available. We started building the panel in 1995. It was one of the Internet's first and has grown to be one of the best.

Complete demographic information is collected on each panel member so researchers can specify exactly who they are looking for. (For a list of demographic variables available, see the signup form) Queries are made and email invitations are sent to the target group. Groups can include:

  • Consumers
  • Business Executives
  • IT Decision Makers
  • Teens
  • Targeted Ethnicities
  • And others.

Esearch.com can field an entire project for you, or send panel members to your online survey (note that we will audit the survey first to ensure no contact information is being collected or "colorful" content is being shown

Specific advantages to using online panels for research include:

  • Samples can be very targeted (women age 45+ with an income over $60K)
  • Specific or low-incidence segments of the population can be found quickly
  • Surveys can be focused and demographic information added to the data from the panelist database
  • Non-response can be calculated and the information used to estimate any sample bias
  • Panelists do not select themselves for individual surveys but for the panel in its entirety so self-selection biases are eliminated

The panel has over 800,000 members and grows at a rate of 15,000 to 20,000 members each month.

Using Esearch.com's opt-in online panel, companies have access to hundreds of thousands of Internet users who are ready, willing and able to participate in online studies.

Esearch.com maintains demographic profiles on several thousand Internet users (who have agreed to participate in our studies). We can sort through demographics providing companies with instant access to a large number of customers, prospects, market participants, etc. And, because of the nature of the internet, a questionnaire could be developed and electronically sent out the same day with results received and automatically tabulated within days. This type of quick turn-around is not found in other forms of research data collection and is unique to the approach Esearch.com is taking. In addition, the Internet audience is a unique element to the company's offerings.