Why Use Esearch.com?

  1. Service - There are other online panel providers but few that provide the service of Esearch.com. We continue to be responsive to client needs, schedules, demands and data quality. The highest level of testament to this is the fact that 99% of our clients return time and again for additional online research projects.
  2. Integrity - Operating on the belief that integrity is our #1 asset, Esearch.com will never do anything to compromise this. We operate with the highest level of integrity when dealing with both clients and panel members.
  3. Commitment to excellence and to our clients - We are only as good as the company we keep, and we keep the nation's leading researchers happy, contented and coming back for more.
  4. Panel responsiveness - And while we focus on fulfilling the needs of our clients, we do this hand-in-hand with maintaining an excellent research panel. We believe in treating everyone with dignity and respect, and this philosophy shines through in the reciprocal responsiveness of our panel members.

The Esearch.com panel is 100% opt-in (directly to Esearch.com) and 100% owned by Esearch.com. Others may claim to have online research panels when in fact they use email lists or are broker services.

When the quality of your market research data depends on it, make sure you know where the respondents are coming from.